Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Knitting

In the first 2 days of October I made a Thorpe hat for myself....okay, I kindof made it twice. I used super bulky yarn instead of bulky and the first one turned out HUGE so I ripped it back to row 10 (56 stitches) and stopped increasing there. When I got to the bottom I BO 22 stitches for the front, 10 sts on each ear flap, and BO 10 sts for the back. If I were to do it again I would only BO 20 sts in the front and have 11 on each ear flap. It still turned out great and it is super warm. I usually wear a size medium and it fits great, so that is what I would guess for a size.

I started Kernel today using my Edward Cullen Silk Sock yarn from Fresh from the Cauldron. I love this yarn and its colorway! It is so soft and nice to work with. I can't bring myself to use the gorgeous yarn on socks. I really like this pattern too. I am leaving off the beads but it is looking great so far. I'm a bit nervous about the grafting because I have never done it before and I really don't want to screw it up!!

October classes are up for HPKCHC. So far I have:
I want to fit My Thorpe in there somewhere since I made it this month. I have to start on Layton's xmas stocking for my OWL as well. And make more hats for Quidditch!

So far it looks like October will be a good knitting month....especially if the weather stays so crappy :(

And I am still on track for my weight loss work. I lost 6 pounds so far and I can finally fit in one pair of my too small jeans :)