Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've been a busy girl!

First off, potty training update.  DD is doing great!  She has an accident every once in awhile but for all intents and purposes she is potty trained!!  We still use pull-ups at night but she usually only wets about once a week, not bad for an 18 1/2-month-old.

I have been having a great time picking out paint colors for K's house.  He is excited that the house is finally getting some character after living there for almost 3 years...typical bachelor :)  No, he works so much that there isn't much time for him to worry about home decor.  I love it though so I'm glad I get the opportunity.  Things are going really well with us too.  He is such a sweet, caring, and honest guy and he is great with DD.  I seem to get way more accomplished when I am with him...or just at his place :)

I finally cooked up a batch of Mom's Super Laundry Sauce tonight.  It is separating right now and I can whip it when I get up at 2am to go to work.  I really hope it works well and I can't wait to try it.  I'm pretty sure K will have a load of greasy, dirty work clothes that I can try it out on tomorrow or Friday :)

I also started the No Poo (no shampoo) thing tonight.  My hair feels so clean, soft, and light right now!  I will post updates but I think I'm really going to like this :)

Both of the above ideas were found through Pinterest.  I am completely addicted!  I have even tried quite a few of the things I have found there...although I have many, many more things pinned that I need to try.

But now I need to go to bed since it is almost 11pm and I need to get up at 2am!!