Saturday, September 10, 2011


Term is going good so far.  The first few days were hard because there were a million OWL proposals to go through.  I literally spent over 10 hours doing approvals in the first 2 days!!  Luckily that has slowed down and I now have time to work on my projects.

I finished a pair of fingerless mitts that will be handed in for DADA.  I might add a coordinating item though so I haven't handed them in yet.  I started a dress for Anabela and a monster in Green Bay Packers colors.  I also have the Green Dress done except for finishing.  I've started 2 of the blankets for my OWL and both are going great so far.

Speaking of the Packers, the first game of the season was Packers vs. Saints at Lambeau.  Since it was the first game I got to see it on tv here in Colorado.  It was such and exciting game.  The team is looking great so far this year!  We won by the way :)

It is finally starting to cool off here and I am excited.  It has been far too hot here this summer and I really didn't enjoy it.  This is my first fall here so we will see what it brings.  Hopefully I will be able to wear some knits soon :)