Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colorado here I come!

It is official!  I found and apartment and I will be there on January 8th.  I'm really excited about moving and starting a new chapter of my life.  There are some friends here that I am really going to miss but that is about all that I will miss.  The new apartment is bigger and nicer and the town is really nice.  It is a small town but it has a lot to offer that I am interested in.

I hate packing though!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fall 2010 Convocation Journey

The Fall Convocation was a lot of fun!!  We have some very talented writers in Ravenclaw Tower and it was so nice of them to take the time and effort to do Convocation for us.  I'm proud to say that I reached each milestone and was able to help save Foxy.  Here are the badges I earned:

 I earned 632 points for my house (I don't think all bonus points were counted though).  I really did a lot of knitting and crocheting for this term and I was the 10th highest points scorer of Ravenclaw.  Next term I will be crafting solely from stash and I have a lot of bigger projects to do so hopefully the mojo can keep flowing.  I hope the move doesn't cut down on my crafting time too much though.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm Moving!!!

Paris was great!!  I had a great time with Mom and we were able to see so many things.  Mom had a great time and was really excited to have gotten to Europe...if not a little annoyed at some no public restrooms :)  I really want to take her to Italy sometime too.

Next week I am heading to Colorado to try to find a place to live.  I'm so excited to see Luis again.  I miss him sooo much.  I'm flying in and renting a car at the airport.  This will be the first time I've ever rented a car!  I'm very excited to move but I'm not excited to have to move all my stuff...I just can't seem to get rid of anything though.

My seventh term of the HPKCHC has officially ended.  It sounds like we will be starting Ministry Levels now so that will be cool.  I have grand plans for next term with OWLs and getting a bunch of my stash used up.  I have come to terms with myself and admitted that I have way too much yarn and I need to use it up before I buy any more.  My goal is to get it all down to one rubbermaid tote and then I can buy yarn to make a Sylvi.  I'm confident that I have the skill to make one now but I definitely want to get some nice yarn to make it so I will have to wait until my stash is used up...hopefully I'm not 80 by that time (I'm only 27 now).