Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am a terrible blogger!!!

It has been awhile!  And a lot has happened!

The past term of HPKCHC went very well.  I enjoyed being an OWL examiner so I am going to do it again this term :)  I failed my own OWL and I wasn't nearly as productive as I wanted to be....but I have a good reason :)  I was so tired in the month of June I could barely knit or crochet.  Turns out I'm having a baby!!

I'm due December 20th so I'm at about 5 months right now.  At least 2 others in Ravenclaw Tower are pregnant, TriGirlJ is due in December as well and Sleep2Dreamer is due in February.  I also have 2 friends from Superior that are due in October, one in Florida due in March, and at least 4 friends from high school that have had babies in the last couple of months!!  Talk about baby time :)

Anyway, lots of baby things planned for this term and some cardigans for myself :)  Let's hope I am more productive this term.

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