Friday, May 1, 2009

New Term for HPKCHC and surgery

Yay, the new term starts today!!! I also had surgery on my foot earlier this morning. Everything went well and I'm feeling pretty good. The best part is that I have the next 4 weeks off of work :) I will be getting lots of knitting and crocheting done. The down side is that I pretty much can't do anything except sit on the couch :( I can't put any pressure on the foot so I can't even drive!

Good thing the new term of HPKCHC starts today so that I have something to do. This term I am Prefect and Quidditch Captain again and I am also the TA for Muggle Studies. I already have some ideas for projects.

I will be doing Fawkes for DADA but I am making it a fingerless mitts pattern instead of socks since I won't be able to put a sock on my right foot for over a month. It works great because Fawkes is the May KAL pattern for the Harry Potter Knit along grop :)

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