Monday, January 19, 2009

I lost it!

Well, today starts an 8 week weight loss program through my gym (Anytime Fitness) called 'I lost it!' I'm really excited for the one hour a week training sessions with the personal trainer. I really want to get in shape and be ready for the Half-Marathon this year and to look good once bikini season comes 'round again. I must beat my marathon time from last year and hopefully not feel like I will die at the end (like I did last year).
I hate to post this in public but here are my stats:

Weight: 156
Body Fat: 27.6%
BMI: 26.8
Waist: 29.5"
Chest: 35.75"
Hips: 38.75"
Biceps: R-10.25" L-10.5"
Thighs: R-22" L-21"

I may update periodically but I will for sure at the end of the 8 weeks.

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