Saturday, January 31, 2009

First Month Done

Well, January is done...that went by really fast. Tomorrow new classes will be posted for the House Cup. I have a lot of projects I need to do for other people so I really hope they fit in with the class assignments. I'm so excited!! (Yes, I realize I am a dork)

I have been working hard on my OWLs, I signed up for 4 of them! I am doing the Seascape Stole that I mentioned before, 9 mini Weasley Sweaters, a granny square blanket, and Ingenue with added cables to the front and sleeves. I am 16 rows into Seascape...out of 421 :( I have the 5 different squares designed for the granny square blanket. There is a front and back of one sweater done and 2.5 other backs :) As for Ingenue, I have the neck/collar finished...40 rows at 124 sts each is a huge neck!! (it does get folded in half though), now I have to start the cable portions so I need to figure out exactly how I want to do the sleeve cables.

I am determined to finish all 4 of the OWLs because a lot of people don't think it can be done. I also plan to take every class, unless I really can't think of something that fits the assignment...and if you saw my queue you wouldn't believe that is possible :)

I'm sure I will post again tomorrow when I find out the assignments :)

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