Sunday, January 18, 2009


I have at least 12 WIPs, homework to finish for the House Cup, and swap stuff to work on, yet I still want to start new projects. I'm trying to restrain myself but it is difficult. I did however finish my Butterfly Garden Baby Blanket for my friend. Her baby shower is this Thursday so I'm glad I'm not down to the wire on that one.

I used the Butterfly Garden afghan square, which is supposed to be 12 inches, and I just kept adding rounds until it was the size I wanted. I then added a shell stitch border. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and it was really easy to make and alter.

Now I'm working on my Arithmancy homework which is a pair of mittens that is a DROPS design. I did the cuff the same as in the pattern but I modified the entire top. I added a cable in the center and used stockinette instead of moss stitch. I also had to add some stitches because for some reason the cuff fit fine with the amount of stitches the pattern called for but the hand part was too small. Maybe it is because of the ribbing, I don't know.

I'm also working on a Snuggle Rug for Izzie's kennel. Her bed in the kennel right now is pretty dirty and it doesn't wash well so I will be replacing it with the blanket. I'm using some old Red Heart that I got from Nicole's grandma for the blanket, I'm really trying to use up stash yarn.

I started an OWL for Arithmancy and I have to make 8 Weasley sweater ornaments by the end of March. I will save them for xmas next year to give out. I might not duplicate stitch letters on all of them, I'm not sure yet. I have to start my Charms OWL as well. I am making the Seascape Stole from Knitty with some Knit Picks yarn I bought. I'm really excited to make this but it is a bit daunting to me because I've never worked with lace weight yarn, never done a lace pattern this big, and I've never used multiple charts on one project before...scary. I really like it though and if it works out well I want to use it as my wrap for my wedding.

Aright, that is enough blabbing for now.

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  1. I LOVE that baby blanket. It's so pretty! What a great idea to modify an afghan square. Had to comment.