Monday, January 12, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

I hate being sick!!! Everyone is getting sick all the time this winter. I did get to stay home today and work on some knitting but it was bittersweet since I felt like crap :(

On a brighter note I am now finished with Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA), Charms, and History of Magic (HoM) all I have left is Care of Magical Creatures (CoMC), OWLs, and Arithmancy. I have started both CoMC and Arithmancy so I'm doing really well so far this month. I do have to finish a baby blanket for a coworker (her shower is next Thursday) and I would like to work on my Brea bag as well. I really want to get that finished and Puck is making one for a class this month so it gave me a reason to want to work on it. I'm surprised that mom didn't ask about it when she came up, she bought the yarn for it for my birthday last year.

I was pretty excited today because I got my Knit Picks order which included my new Ball Winder! I made my very first yarn cake today and I am really excited about it. I also got some yarn in the package as well :)

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